Motion Capture Hardware.

OptiTrack Optical Motion Capture Systems.

From small USB camera systems like the Flex3 and Flex13 for small studios to the PrimeX ethernet series that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs, we have the equipment to design a system to your specific application, whether it be for animation, VR, Virtual Production, robotics/drone control, Arena gaming, biomechanics or any other application where you need to track an object in a space with incredible precision. Integrates with UE, Unity, Motionbuilder, ROS, Matlab and Visual3d.   Read more about OptiTrack here.

Rokoko Inertial Motion Capture Systems.

Motion capture for the body, face and fingers in one low-cost package that is extremely comfortable and easy to use that allows you to bring your ideas to life. Rokoko provides real-time integration for the most popular 3d animation programs such as Blender, Maya, Motionbuilder, Houdini, Unity, UE, SteamVR, Cinema4d and Reallusion. Read more about Rokoko here.

Stretchsense Mocap Pro gloves.

As the name implies, Stretchsense uses innovative stretch sensors to give you the most realistic, precise and natural finger capture available at the moment.   Provides plugins for UE, Unity, Motionbuilder, Maya and has native integration in Xsens MVN and soon with OptiTrack Motive. Read more about Stretchsense here.

Facial Motion Capture.

From early 2015 up to July 1st 2021 when they were acquired by Take Two Interactive, we were resellers of the award-winning facial motion capture systems by Dynamixyz.  Since then, we've been hard at work testing facial motion capture systems to find a suitable replacement (which has been extremely hard, as those shoes are hard to fill).   We think we might have found it with a product called FACEGOOD by Avatary.  Similar in function to Dynamixyz but still rather new and missing a few features.  They manufacture and sell HMC's together with their tracker/retargeter, which works in Maya, 3ds Max and Blender.   We are in the process of becoming their exclusive reseller and you can find more information about them here.

If you would like for us to design a system for you, please click on the email link below to send us a note.

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