Motion Capture Services.

Motion Capture System Rentals.

We have two in-house portable Optical camera systems available for rent (12 USB and 8 ethernet), suitable for 1 or 2 person captures.  We can make this full performance capture with the addition of Dynamixyz wireless HMC's (either stereo or single camera) plus Stretchsense gloves.  These can be used for traditional motion capture or for real-time animation into Unreal engine or Unity.  We also have the capability of larger system rentals through some of our studio partners, up to 50 cameras if necessary.   The rental includes an experienced operator that fully understands the complete motion capture and real-time pipelines.

We also have two Rokoko inertial motion capture systems with gloves available for smaller projects, which we pair with our wireless HMC's for real-time applications.

For facial motion capture, we have 4 professional Dynamixyz HMC's, 3 wireless and 1 tethered that can be reconfigured to make 2 wireless stereo systems. These are self-contained systems that record on-board from 60 to 120fps, can be controlled remotely and timecode compatible.  They integrate with OptiTrack Motive, Vicon Blade or Shogun, Qualysis, Motion Analysis and Xsens MVN.

For finger capture, we have 2 pairs of Stretchsense gloves  and a pair of Rokoko and Manus gloves, so we can accommodate almost any finger capture requirement.

Motion Capture cleanup and retargeting.

When we do the capture this is part of the package, but we also provide cleanup services if you capture with OptiTrack Motive and we have connections with other motion capture service bureaus if you have a lot of data to clean up in a short period of time.

Facial Motion capture tracking/retargeting.

Facial mocap is our specialty and what we are best known for.  We have worked on some of the most well-known AAA game franchises and game/film publishers.

Depending on the end-user requirements, we use Dynamixyz Performer or Avatary Facegood, and we work in Maya, Motionbuilder and directly into Unreal Engine.  As we can't show our current work, you can find examples of our tests and personal projects on our vimeo page here.

So if you have a project where you need to rent a system or would like to inquire about our other services, click on the email below to send us a note.


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